please baby, save my wonders

2 -IMG_5536 This morning I woke up only having slept around two hours. The light was so blinding through my bedroom window that for a second I couldn’t even open my eyes. I stumbled clumsily to the glass and leaned my forehead against the cold surface until the morning sunshine became bearable and I could open my eyes to look outside. Outside my apartment building there are some disproportionately beautiful buildings. My own balcony is surrounded by hastily thrown up concrete and makes the color grey sound down right cheery. For some reason, though, all around my neighbourhood small architectural treasures seem to have grown out of the summer soil. 2 -IMG_5541 2 -IMG_55392 -IMG_5543 Having discovered I live amongst these gorgeous buildings, I’ve taken to walk around randomly, crisscrossing between them. It makes me feel like I’m rediscovering the city. Like letting my fingertips touch the welded gates and newly blossoming flowers will bring something to life. Most of these houses have windows facing the street and from my own apartment I sometimes see glimpses of the lives of others. I see a child running through the living room. A young boy smoking on the balcony seconds after midnight. Old school music echoing out of an open window. Tired eyes meeting mine, coffee in one hand a disjointed monday morning. It’s sort of exhilarating.

IMG_5571 IMG_55702 -IMG_5554

Imagining other people complexly is really important and when you watch other people, humans, moving and walking about you notice that they are just so amazing. The way we breathe and our eyes sparkle and fingertips move when we find something exciting. It’s more than sort of beautiful and just a little magical.

Look at you go, human, being your perfectly imperfect self. I hope you have a great day today.

– Coco