love is an open door

IMG_8891Last year in San Francisco, a tiny door appeared out of nowhere. It popped up in a tree in Golden Gate Park and quite soon people started leaving gifts and souvenirs for the fairies that may or may not have lived in there. Several articles were written about the door andafter only a couple of days, it was taken down. It was discovered that the wooden structure might be hurting the tree.

Fortunately, a replacement door was crafted and the father and son duo that so carefully measured and crafted this entrance for urban fairies in the first place, were allowed their tiny piece of everyday magic.

59566_10151429718447813_658909072_n 1482822_10152100520237813_1697312562_n 1545053_10152390642387813_3596309152458177927_n 1798532_10152246318172813_315141237_nThis installation, however, was not the first of its kind. As early as 2005, so-called fairy doors started to appear in the city of Ann Arbor in Michigan. They are believed to be the work of Jonathan B. Wright, a local author of the book Who’s behind the fairy doors? One can also find a more sinister counterpart to these joyful doors, a goblin door. The goblin door is slightly darker and a little more scary looking.

So, if you are looking for a bit of every day magic I suggest you travel to one of these places. Maybe you’ll stumble upon a portal yet unexplored.

– Coco