i eat boys like you for breakfast

6a00d8358081ff69e201a5116a3cbd970c-800wiIn my old apartment, I was in the unfortunate position of not having regular access to an oven. I had, instead, a microwave and what could, if squinting was involved, be called a stove. On this I mostly made various versions of pasta dishes. Very exciting, I know. Since moving, though, all I do is cook.

Now, I’ve been a vegetarian for around five years now and in that time still have a laughably small amount of recipes that I know by heart. My mother raised me to cook without measurements, she never cared for instructions, but I have a certain fascination for recipes. These are some that I would like to try.


We have these beautiful Key Lime White Chocolate Cookies made by the talented Delicious by Dre. They look able to attain that gorgeous blend between sweet and sour that we sometimes want in a desert. 64254ff5d962f0995328a47bf267c7fd

Then we have the Lemon Gremolata Pizza with Cauliflower Crust. This is one of the reasons it often surprises me not more people eat vegetarian food. Oh  My Veggies just makes it look so good.

db65f8e99347612ae69b1d688b6bd782Lastly we have this wrap from A Beautiful Mess. It is a guilty pleasure food without most of the guilty. I can’t wait to try any one of these.

Do you have any recipes you think I would like?

– Coco