here comes the hotstepper

collage-1So, let’s see what all of the lovely people of the internet have been up to. This is some of the lovely that I have noticed during the week.

jessicaharrison1jessicaharrison4 jessicaharrison2

Over on the Jealous Curator we find these beautiful figurines. These beautiful tattooed ladies were made by the talented Jessica Harrison and should definitely be admired in all their glory.

1387735311diner03-700x527 1387735329diner05-700x502 1387735340diner06-700x503Over at RookieMag I’ve been studying the last food eaten by celebrities before dying. It’s morbid yet fascinating these tiny details the Internet randomly provides us with.

13984908876_a12ca07285 14004824732_d82b53e4bf 14008471434_e55d395e41My Milk Tooth have been dealing with the sweet sorrow of parting from your old house to move into a new one. I more than feel for the tiny friends struggling with leaving something behind.

2014_05_minneapolis-8-e1399917503586 2014_05_minneapolis-23 M 18 G 1 Packet 53Lastly, this friday finds us traveling back in time to the 1950’s Minneapolis. These images, curated by Thomas Lowry’ s ghost and put together by the Fields Office tell us a strange and everyday story of this old city filled with people and moments too.

I hope you have a marvelous weekend!

– Coco